Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

We provide the public with the required International Health Regulations documentation to be presented at a country border, if vaccination against yellow fever is a country entry requirement.

Yellow Fever Vaccination:

  • Type: Regular

  • Duration: ~ 30mins

Please have your provincial health card ready when booking your appointment.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

We are a proudly Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. These centres are designated by the Public Health Agency of Canada, on behalf of Canada, in order to meet the requirements of the International Health Regulations.


? Can I book a vaccine with Sirocco Pharmacy?

Yes you can book a vaccine at Sirocco Pharmacy. Our pharmacists are well trained to perform injections and immunizations. You can book ahead for a vaccine here or call your pharmacy to book an appointment. Walk-in appointments are available. Injections are subject to vaccine availability and clinical assessment.

? How do I know which vaccinations I need?

Which vaccinations you need will depend on your age, risk factors, and vaccination history. The Canadian Immunization Guide has details about which vaccines Canadians need. A pharmacist can tell you more specifically which vaccines you need. Call your pharmacy to learn more.

? How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligibility for vaccines is based on age, risk factors, and vaccination history. A pharmacist can tell you if you are eligible for a certain vaccine. Call us to learn more.

? How often do I need to get vaccinated?

How often you need to get vaccinated depends on your age, lifestyle and other risk factors. Vaccines are offered at a specific schedule according to your province’s guidelines. Some vaccines, like the shingles vaccine, require multiple doses to get maximum protection against the disease. Your pharmacist can tell you how often you need to get vaccinated. Call us to learn more.

? What happens when I arrive for my appointment?

On the day of your appointment, be sure to bring your health card, prescription for the injection (if you already have one) and wear clothing where the upper arm is accessible for vaccination. When you arrive, let the pharmacy staff know you've arrived for your vaccine appointment. After receiving your injection, you may be asked to remain in the pharmacy for 15 minutes so the Pharmacist can monitor you for potential reactions.

? How much do vaccinations cost?

In some provinces, certain vaccines and the injection administration fee may be covered by the Provincial plan. Some private drug insurance plans may cover the cost of the vaccine. Due to Provincial variances, an injection administration fee of $20 may also apply to get the vaccine administered at the Pharmacy.

? Can Pharmacists also administer drugs by inhalation?

Yes, Pharmacists can administer inhaled drugs to Patients at the Pharmacy for specific reasons, for example to a Patient who is using an inhaler with a spacer device for the first time and needs assistance. An administration fee of $20 may apply for this service. Call us to learn more.