Prescribing Pharmacist

Scope of our Pharmacist’s practice.


  • Type: Assessment

  • Duration: Varies

Please have your provincial health card, drivers license, and insurance (if applicable) ready when booking your appointment.

Our Prescribing Pharmacist

At Sirocco Pharmacy, we believe in providing personalized care, and we are proud to have a dedicated prescribing pharmacist who plays an instrumental role in this mission.

About Our Prescribing Pharmacist

Our prescribing pharmacist, Laila Kharoub, has 8+ years of experience in the field of pharmacy and is fully licensed to prescribe medications*. Laila is a crucial part of our healthcare team, working closely with patients and other healthcare providers to ensure optimal drug therapy outcomes.

Scope of Practice

Our prescribing pharmacist can: 

  • Assess patient health conditions 
  • Prescribe drugs for certain minor ailments 
  • Modify prescriptions to optimize therapy 
  • Renew certain prescriptions 
  • Provide medication management services

*Please note that there are limitations to what a pharmacist can prescribe. Our pharmacist is not authorized to prescribe narcotics or other controlled substances. Also, it is important to understand that the services of our prescribing pharmacist are not intended to replace your doctor’s care, but to enhance continuity of care. You should continue to consult with your doctor for prescriptions and medical advice.