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Our pharmacy is an industry leader in Veterinary medications. We source high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and compound them into pet-friendly dosage forms. We make highly affordable and pet-specific capsules, oral pastes, tablets, transdermal syringes, liquids, injectables, eye drops, eye ointments, topical ointments, ear drops and more!

Are you a veterinarian located in in Calgary Alberta? Call and speak to one of our knowledgeable pharmacists about our customized veterinary medication today!

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Our mission is to build a healthier life for our clients. We do this by providing a level of personal care that goes beyond our customers expectations.

We are committed to advancing high quality community care. We make it easy to get in charge of your health.

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1919 Sirocco Dr SW #220
Calgary, AB
T3H 2Y3

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Sirocco Pharmacy Compounding & Travel Clinic

A Local Calgary Female led Licensed Pharmacy & Compounding Center.

OUR HOURS : Monday-Friday 08:30 AM-7 PM Saturday 11 AM-04 PM Sunday: CLOSED

PHONE: +1 (403) 685-2883

FAX: +1 (587) 387-7217

ADDRESS: 1919 Sirocco Dr SW #220 Calgary, AB T3H 2Y3



Sirocco Pharmacy is licenced to operate under the provisions of the Pharmacy and Drug act.

Pharmacy Licence No. 3985